Wave Energy Onshore Test Rig Built

Small and co completed the construction of a Wave Energy Onshore Test Rig for Trident Energy

trident-energy-logoThis Month Small & Co completed the construction of an onshore test rig for Trident Energy. Trident is a marine renewable energy technology company. Following a series of successful wave tank trials Trident is currently working on the fabrication of a fully functional demonstration wave energy converter (WEC) for deployment at the company’s own consented site off the east coast of the UK.
Trident’s core technology is a patented system that converts sea wave motion directly into electricity. Trident is confident that it has a highly efficient, low cost technology which has the potential to produce renewable energy cost effectively and predictably.

trident-leaving-lowestoft-harbourManufacturing to Tridents design and being built in the workshop next to the Lowestoft dry dock which is Small and Co base, the client was really pleased with the workmanship. Hopefully we will be seeing the Trident wave energy machine float out of Lowestoft Harbour again soon as happened earlier in the year.

Working as partners with companies such as Trident and 4NRG ltd Small & Co’s large highly skilled workforce have displayed high levels of excellence in the emerging renewable energy industry and services supplied around the north sea.