Trident Energy Renewable Wave Energy

Small & Co | Trident Energy Renewable Wave Energy Project

Client | Trident Energy

Trident Energy is a major marine renewables energy company that has developed a unique and patented system for converting sea wave energy directly into electricity.

The Problem

Trident energy required Small & Co to work closely with them and their team of design engineers to produce the first scale model prototype of the patented Trident Energy Sea Wave Energy Machine for trials off the coast of East Anglia.

The Solution

Small & Co liased with Tridents engineers and successfully completed the construction of the project on-time and within budget and therfore built up a very close working relationship with Trident as the project developed

The Results

Trident Energy were very satisfied clients and Small & Co were are pleased to continue to work with Trident Energy with a common aim to produce the first working Wave Generator of its kind in the whole of Europe.