HMCC Vigilant UK Border Agency

Small & Co recently completed an extensive project on the states HMCC Vigilant

HMCC Vigilant is a customs cutter of the United Kingdom. She was launched by Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands in 2003 and is one of four 42-metre (138 ft) cutters operated by the UK Border Agency. HMCC Vigilant was put into service for the British Government by the then HM Customs and Excise in 2004. Much effort has been expended in making her quiet to reduce crew fatigue; her engines are raft-mounted, decks throughout the ship are of a floating type, and her compartments are constructed on a box-within-a-box principle. Her 7-metre (23 ft) Rigid Inflatable Boat can be launched from her stern slipway. She is fitted with a 2,000-litre (440 imp gal) per minute fire fighting system for dealing with fires in other ships.

Tasks Undertaken on UK Border Agency HMCC Vigilant Project

LSA week vigilant, removal of all safety and survey equipment for testing recertification repairs and central repairs carries out. Assisted with installation of new upgraded survey equipment.