Recent Projects

Recent Successful Projects Undertaken by Small & Co Marine Engineering Ltd

Here you can keep up to date with all the latest successfully completed marine engineering projects carried out by Small & Co of Lowestoft. We have been displaying our ability to perform in a wide range of marine engineering disciplines with the jobs we have recently undertaken and have shown again and again that we are a company that can cope with the most demanding of engineering projects.

Small & Co have also had many successes in the last few years with yachting owners, including the Sailing Yacht Atalante and the Masquerade of Sole. Both of which have been in dry docked at Lowestoft and have had extensive repairs and refurbishments carried out on them.

Please See Small & Co’s Recent Projects Below:

April 2009 | Klyne Tugs Limited Project
March 2009 | Trident Energy Renewable Energy Project