Putford Terminator Brought in For Oil Leak Investigation

Oil Leakage Confirmed and works carried out at Small & Co in Lowestoft

The safety support vessel Putford Terminator was docked to investigate an oil leakage to the port Aquamaster. Once the dock was empty and washed down an inspection was carried out and leakage of oil which was located at the propeller seal. The rope guard was released and removed and the leak was located at the gland flange, this was tightened and the leak slowed but did not stop.

The oil was drained from the unit allowing the release and removal of the Ceda valve gland ring. The gland packing was removed and on inspection and calibration it was noticed that the packing had been cut under size by 15mm. After further calibration the new supply packing was cut to its correct length and reassembly was made. On completion an air test was applied for 1 hour finding no leakage, the complete system was then purged to its correct levels, and a head test was applied for 2 further days.

The Putford Terminator works were carried out between the 19th-24th of March.