Putford Achilles in at Small & Co

The Putford Achilles Dry Docked, Washed and Repaired in Lowestoft

The vessel was dry docked on the 30/03/2012 to carry out repairs to her tailshaft which, on inspection, had to be replaced with a new shaft. The Hull of the Putford Achilles was HP washed from top bulwark rail to keel and all sea gratings washed out to remove marine growth.

The Rudders were removed and inspected, rudder glands and packing removed, inspected and refitted by Small & Co.

All anodes on the Putford Achilles were replaced with new owners supply anodes, with various steel repairs also being carried out while the vessel was in dock in Lowestoft, until being released on 11/04/2012.

Ship Repairs and Engineering in Lowestoft, Suffolk by Small & Co