Motor Tug Reclaim

Extensive Work Carried Out on Motor Tug at Small & Co

The vessel was docked at 15:00 hours on 03.01.2012. Hull plating was washed off from keel to bulwark rail. Doublers were cut and fitted in way of hull plate pinholes and bare areas of hull plating were disked and prepared ready for painting.

New Owners supply hull anodes were fitted and welded and Owners supply paints were then applied. Anchor windlass was sited and welded to forward deck.

Rudder was released and lowered to dock floor to allow propeller to be released and removed. Overhaul carried out to outboard Newrick tailshaft seal, clearances and tension were re-set to seal, propeller hardened and prop nut locked. The tug was undocked at 21:00 hours on 11.01.2012 to continue with her charter duties.