Mincarlo Returns to Small & Co

Back in May of this year the Mincarlo was brought into Lowestoft for Restoration work, with the Trawler now returning for further Dry Dock work

The Mincarlo was towed from her berth at the heritage quay on the south pier in Lowestoft to Small & Co’s dry dock, where she was docked on the 20/09/2011 to begin work to her hull. Here work included the removal of marine growth, while the hull was also inspected for defects and repairs carried out.

The hull of the Mincarlo then underwent a full preparation and re-painting. Sea Valves in the main engine and a valve in the Fish Room were also removed, inspected, overhauled and re-fitted.

The Mincarlo vessel was undocked on the 28/09/2011 and moved to her winter berth at slipway quay on 29/09/2011.

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