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Mitsubishi Diesel Engines

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Mitsubishi offers a full line up of engines that comply with environmental regulations and IMO / CCR emission standards, as certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping and Germanischer Lloyd. An advanced cooling system within the Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engines has reduced the thermal load of the engine allowing for many hours of continuous use. A newly developed oil control system assures smooth oil flow. The durability of every engine part has been increased significantly allowing safe use even in the harshest conditions.

The auxiliary equipment within Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engines employs turbochargers, injection pumps and water pumps that have a fully integrated lubricating oil system with change over lubricating oil filters. Buyers will be pleased to know that individual cylinder heads, large side inspection covers and maintenance on one side of the engine (SR in-line engines) provide an easy access to main parts. With an international service network in over 20 nations, displays the product is of the highest order.

Our Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engines have a generous design margin to drive alternators at 1,200, 1,500 or 1,800 rpm continuously. The frequency stability is assured by a hydraulic or electronic governor in order to meet international standards and the AC alternator is self exciting, self regulating drip proof and blushless. Radio interference suppression is in line with VDE, class N.

The latest technologies from Mitsubishi, such as the high performance turbocharger and the direct fuel injection system, have improved fuel efficiency dramatically, which is naturally an important factor when making a purchasing decision for a new Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engine. All our Mitsubishi engines offer exceptional high power and top performance over all speed ranges. The complete Marine Diesel Engine.

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