Work and Tests Carried Out on Atlantic Carrier at Small & Co

The 36 ton at 28M crane was transported by road to our premises, the jib sections joined and welded the crane was then mechanically Overhauled. Drawings were produced and a 1800mm diameter 40mm wall tube Installed through the ships tank on the port side and crane fitted and welded to this tube.

All electrics and controls were overhauled upon completion with the crane then load tested to 41 ton at 25 metres. Six new mooring winches were delivered and drawing produced for new fabrication work for seating’s all fabrication were carried out within our workshops. New seating was also placed on the vessel and welded in position.

Six new fairleads were also provided and new seating manufactured and fitted to vessel. HPU units were installed to the main deck and the six point mooring system tested. Further modifications were also carried out in way of new catwalks, rescue boat cradles and cargo rails.The vessel sailed for further modifications prior to starting her new duties for cable laying for EON .

Putford Puffin 500th Vessel Slipped/ Docked by Small & Co in Lowestoft

The Putford Puffin was docked for Class Surveys to her tanks, tailshaft and rudder surveys, anchor cable surveys, and Class inspections to valves. Whilst in dock her hull was high pressure washed off, chipped, disked and prepared, and coatings applied as per paint specification.

Steel, and pipework repairs were carried out during the docking period, electrical Meggar Tests were carried out and any defects were rectified. The Putford Puffin was the 500th vessel to be slipped or docked by Small and Co. since 1994.

Works were carried out between 18/11/2013 to 17/12/2013.

VOE Chief Docked at Small & Co For Surveys

The tug was docked at Lowestoft for tailshaft and rudder surveys, UT thickness measurement surveys to her hull, tank and anchor cable surveys. Valves were stripped and presented for inspection by the Class Surveyor and re-built with new packing, gaskets and valve flaps where required.

The vessel was high pressure washed off with damaged areas chipped disked and prepared for coatings to be applied. Coatings were applied with the paint representative in attendance. Meggar Tests were carried out to electrical equipment and defects were rectified, with various electrical repairs also being carried out during the docking period.

These works were carried out between 04/11/2013 to 16/11/2013.

Putford Artemis In For Mast & Steel Repairs

The Putford Artemis was docked at Small & Co in Lowestoft for emergency repairs to her main mast. Various steel repairs to tanks, shell plate and pipework were also carried out. A Marine Chemist was supplied to issue Safe Entry Certificates and Hot Works Permits for tank entry and repairs.

These works were carried out between 30/10/2013 to 31/10/2013.

Tailshaft Inspection by Small & Co for Fendercare Independence

The Fendercare Independence was dry docked at Lowestoft to carry out tailshaft surveys and repairs as required. These works were carried out between October 17th-25th.

Putford Voyager in at Lowestoft For Inspection

Between 14th-15th October the Putford Voyager was dry docked at Lowestoft for an inspection to her Z peller.

Putford Guardian at Small & Co for Emergency Repairs

Several Works Carried Out in Lowestoft for Putford Guardian

The vessel was dry docked for emergency repairs to her aft Starboard shell plate, below the transom located at the forward bilge space of the steering flat. Whilst in dock corroded pipework to the Survivor Space bulwark penetration was cropped out and replaced. New pipe stubs were also fitted, welded and connected to existing ballast lines. Various steel repairs were also carried out.

Works were carried out in Lowestoft between 04/10/2013 to 10/10/2013.

Putford Ajax In For Pressure Wash and Paint at Small & Co

Putford Ajax Undergoes Wash and Repairs in Lowestoft

The vessel was dry docked on 23/09/2013 at Lowestoft for surveys and repairs to her tanks. Whilst in dock the vessel was high pressure washed off to remove marine growth, mussels and loose paint. The Putford Ajax was then painted to specification. General repairs were also carried out during her docking period until 03/10/2013.

Gray Vixen in at Small & Co

Maintenance Motor Tug Gray Vixen Carried Out in Lowestoft

The Gray Vixen was docked at Small & Co in Lowestoft, Suffolk for a high pressure wash off of the hull to remove marine growth and mussels. Hull surfaces were prepared ready for fresh coatings to be applied to the hull surface. Whilst in dock the vessel’s echo sounder was removed, steel work was modified and a new transducer installed. All of these works were carried out between May 29th and June 6th 2013.

Barge Niagara Cleaned & Inspected at Small & Co

Tailshaft inspections and further work carried out on Barge Niagara in Lowestoft.

The barge was docked for class inspection between 29/05/2013 and 06/06/2013. The hull was high pressure washed off to remove marine growth, the main deck, hatch tops, and wheelhouse were washed off. All surfaces were then prepared and coatings applied. A safety handrail to the Starboard side was erected to provide safe access to the aft section of the vessel and engine room.

All seawater isolation valves were checked for operation and the engine room sea strainer inlet boxes were removed and cleaned. The stern inboard tailshaft gland was re-packed and the grease unit checked. The tailshaft was noted to be heavily corroded at the propeller end of outboard tailshaft, a rope guard was manufactured and fitted in way of the unprotected tailshaft.