Inspection and Work on St Margaret Motor Tug

Motor Tug St Margaret undergoes repairs after inspection by Small & Co

The vessel was docked on 03.01.2012, at 15:00 hours. Once docked an inspection was carried out to both Port and Starboard Voith units following defects reported. Excessive erosion was found around both Port and Starboard Voith blade seal pockets at the rotor, the Voith table was heavily corroded, perforated and full of water.

After discussions with owners following works put in hand:

Starboard propeller blades were released, removed and conveyed. Ashore Seal pockets were grit blasted and puddle welded locally in way of eroded areas, polymer fillers were applied over weld repairs. Fit 2 in number owners supply spare seals, manufacture like for like blade seals and fit. Refit blades, fill and vent with oil, leave to stand, witness oil tightness over 24 hours.

Port propellers released from internal linkages, dome covers removed for access to allow free movement of all blades, expose corroded seal pocket areas, grit blast and puddle weld areas, after which cover repaired areas with polymer fillers. Re-connect propeller blades internal fill system and vent, leave to stand over 24 hours to prove oil tightness.
Puddle weld Voith table in way of heavy corrosion and perforated areas.

Cut and profile steel doubler plate and plug weld to Voith table from control link to outboard port side. Upon completion of repairs apply Baltiflake paint for protection in way of new welded and existing steel.

In the process of undocking Voith manways were noticed to be leaking from sea side, the dock water was lowered, lid removed and an attempt to re-seal was undertaken. Undocking aborted. Manufacture new manway lids, refurbish manway studs and bolts. Re-fit and re-seal.

The tug was undocked at 21:00 hours on 11.01.2012 to continue with her charter duties.