Humber Surveyor Renamed and Repaired at Small & Co

The EMS Surveyor was brought into Small & Co for a number of services.

The ex Associated British Ports vessel Humber Surveyor was docked on 07/06/2012 and whilst in dock her name was changed to EMS Surveyor for her new Owners Eastern Marine Services. Port and Starboard rudders were lowered, deep sea seals were removed, inspected and cleaned. “Nip” clearances were adjusted and the rudders were then re-fitted.

The Port and Starboard tailshaft glands were re-packed, the tailshaft checked for wear and any external propeller damage
Parts and oils was supplied. A wet service was carried out to both Port and Starboard main engines as well as the main engine starter motors being removed and sent for service as required. The Main sea inlet valve was also removed and serviced.

The Port and Starboard hulls on the EMS Surveyor were HP washed off, from keel to waterline and waterline to main deck to remove marine growth and loose paint. The vessels Hull plating was chipped and disked off from keel to main deck level. Touch up coatings were applied to bare and damaged areas, all paint coatings were applied to Owners paint specification.

The EMS Surveyor was then released on the 15/06/2012.

Ship Renaming at Small & Co in Lowestoft, Suffolk