Barge Niagara Cleaned & Inspected at Small & Co

Tailshaft inspections and further work carried out on Barge Niagara in Lowestoft.

The barge was docked for class inspection between 29/05/2013 and 06/06/2013. The hull was high pressure washed off to remove marine growth, the main deck, hatch tops, and wheelhouse were washed off. All surfaces were then prepared and coatings applied. A safety handrail to the Starboard side was erected to provide safe access to the aft section of the vessel and engine room.

All seawater isolation valves were checked for operation and the engine room sea strainer inlet boxes were removed and cleaned. The stern inboard tailshaft gland was re-packed and the grease unit checked. The tailshaft was noted to be heavily corroded at the propeller end of outboard tailshaft, a rope guard was manufactured and fitted in way of the unprotected tailshaft.